Safe architecture for Robust distributed Application Integration in roLling stock

Safe4RAIL Mid-Term Conference
25th of January, 2018
Prague/Czech Republic
Safe4RAIL is organizing it's 1st Mid-Term Conference, which will take place on Thursday, 25th of January, 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Safe4RAIL's Mid-Term Conference will provide an overview on the next-generation TCMS that has been developed in the first year of the Safe4RAIL project. The concepts for the Integrated Modular Platform, consisting of middleware and networking framework will be presented. Further presentations will be related to the supporting simulation and demonstration aspects. The conference welcomes participants from railway technology suppliers and manufacturers, safety experts, and authorities as well as academic participants in the domain of train control and communication systems.
Participation for the event is free of charge, but registration is obligatory. See for more information and registration.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The project Safe4RAIL (Safe architecture for Robust distributed Application Integration in roLling stock) aims to create safety concepts for mixed-critical ethernet-based networking as well as a mixed-criticality application framework, including the brake-by-wire concept.

Safe4RAIL will reinforce European competitiveness by offering fundamentally simplified electronic and Train Control and Monitoring architectures required for the optimization of railway systems, to minimize system lifecycle and operational costs.

The targeted outcome refers to the reduction of the number of on-board computing devices, improved reliability, shortening the integration and (re)commissioning times and thus Life-Cycle Cost reduction, as well as the ability to implement the SIL4 functions in Train Control and Monitoring Systems (TCMS).

As a whole our Safe4RAIL research and development project is aiming at the following objectives:

  • Configurable Mixed Criticality Networking “Drive-By-Data” Concept for next generation of European TCMS supporting the integration of SIL4 functions
  • Mixed Criticality Application Framework Concept for modular integration of distributed TCMS applications side-by-side, supporting criticality levels up to SIL4
  • Simulation and Testing Environment for distributed embedded railway systems
  • Architecture and Safety Concept for Brake-by-Wire (SIL4) utilizing the Networking- and Application Framework Concepts
  • Modular Certification capability enabled by the distributed embedded railway platform and systems
  • Contribution to standards

The technologies and simulation framework developed, will fully support the execution of the implemented train functions. Moreover, this project targets additional economic and environmental impacts on the European industry and will bring better European technology into practical reality. Recognizing the importance of limited carbon footprint and energy efficiency for environmental reasons, Safe4RAIL will result in better and more sustainable trains.

Safe4RAIL results will encourage interoperability, efficiency, safety and secure interconnection of technical solutions among European railway providers, boosting the worldwide competitiveness and preserving the global leadership of the European transport industry.

Safe4RAIL is driven by an European cross-industry consortium of 11 academic and industrial partners (including 4 SMEs), with experts from the automotive, aerospace, and railway sector to harvest synergies with existing and emerging concepts and technologies. The project is complementary to the Shift2Rail project CONNECTA, both addressing the first activities of the Shift2Rail Multi-Annual Action Plan (MAAP) on TD1.2 – TD Next Generation TCMS and TD1.5 – TD Brakes.


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