Technical Reports:

“Drive-by-Data Requirements Specification”

Refinement of performance, availability and safety requirements of ETBN, consist switches and end-nodes based on the inputs from the Safe4RAIL and CONNECTA projects for Drive-by-Data.

“Report on requirements for integration of HVAC into the Functional Distribution Framework and Simulation Framework”

This report includes the requirements to address the integration of TCMS functions into Functional Distribution Framework and Simulation Framework. Particularly, considering the HVAC Application Profile defined by CFM members; it would be applied to the HVAC system.

“Requirements of LTE Equipment and ETBNs for wireless TCMS”

Requirements of LTE equipment for integration in train backbone and ETBNs to deal with wireless train inauguration will be also addressed.

“LTE Equipment: Design, implementation and impact analysis on ETBNs” (**)

A State-of-the-Art review of wireless technologies for WLTB, as well as design blocks for LTE equipment supporting D2D and multicast for wireless train backbone communication.

“Wireless Consist Network Report”

A State-of-the-Art review of wireless technologies for WLCN and a harmonized architecture for the future wireless consist network supporting the integration of various wireless technologies.

“LTE Equipment under Challenging Wireless Scenarios”

This report includes a detailed study of the impact of LTE D2D for wireless Train Backbone Communications in challenging conditions. It also includes a description of the test scenarios, the KPIs and the evaluation results.

“Drive-by-Data Demonstrator Support Report”

Report on the on and off-site support to the two demonstrators and the technical validation of the performance of the components and the networked system.

“Advanced Wireless Technologies and Applications for Wireless TCMS”

This report will describe several advanced wireless technologies for wireless TCMS. More specifically, it will detail the architecture and system supporting the integration of the Wireless TCMS with the Wireless Train Backbone Communications, including a common specification supporting each individual system requirement and architecture.

“Conclusions on integration of subsystems into FDF and SF”

This report will include conclusions on the integration of a TCMS application into FDF and SF. A methodology for development of TCMS applications on FDF and for integration into SF will be provided.

Dissemination/Communication/Exploitation/Standardization/Project Management Reports:

“Internal and external IT communication infrastructure and project website”

The external IT communication infrastructure constitutes a guideline for communication in the Safe4RAIL-2 project to external target groups including conferences, marketing measures and communication channels. Furthermore, this deliverable constitutes the launch of the internal Safe4RAIL-2 communication infrastructure including the establishment of mailing lists, a subversion repository server and the Safe4RAIL-2 website.

“Project quality plan”

The project quality plan (the project handbook) constitutes a set of project templates, explanations on the project management process, review process, quality checks, meeting organisation, which is communicated to all partners

“Risk assessment plan”

The risk assessment plan shows how potential risks are assessed and mitigated in order to avoid any negative influence on the Safe4RAIL-2 project objectives. The interrelated risk assessment plan – risk identification, handling and monitoring – will be established.

“Initial report and updated plan on Dissemination & Communication Activities”

This report includes a record of activities related to dissemination that have been undertaken and those still planned as well as a report of completed and planned communication activities.

“Final report and updated plan on Dissemination & Communication Activities”

This report includes a record of activities related to dissemination that have been undertaken. Furthermore, this report addresses activities going beyond the project lifetime as well as includes a list of completed communication activities. This is a cumulative report and represents the update of the initial report and updated plan on dissemination & communication activities (December 2019, M15).