Final Conference on Next-Generation Train Control Monitoring System (NG-TCMS) solutions

Together with its complementary action CONNECTA-2 (826098, www.s2r-connecta.eu), Safe4RAIL-2 organized a final online event, which took place on 30th June 2021. The conference offered a great opportunity to receive an insight into Next-Generation Train Control Monitoring System (NG-TCMS) solutions. Participants could establish a proactive and instructive dialogue with both projects’ partners and participate in the demonstrations, showing key technology test cases. This second edition of Safe4RAIL and CONNECTA initiatives continued the specification activities started in previous projects, covering the implementation of key technologies for NG-TCMS, such as Drive-by-Data, Functional Distribution Framework, and Wireless TCMS to achieve TRL-5. Technologies were also deployed in relevant urban and regional laboratory scenarios. The Final Conference welcomed participants from railway undertakings, technology suppliers and manufacturers, safety experts, and authorities as well as academic participants in the domain of train control monitoring systems. The event was a great success, attracting 118 participants from all over Europe and Asia.


Executive projects



Date & Time

Wednesday, 30th of June, 2021, 900 - 1330 (CEST)



Materials & Presentations

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#1   Keynote: Influence of CONNECTA-2 in OCORA
In this talk Matthias Moritz, the programme manager of OCORA of Deutsche Bahn explains the importance of the project to OCORA.
  Matthias Moritz (Deutsche Bahn)   [ PDF ]
#2   Introduction to the Next Generation Train Control and Monitoring System (NG-TCMS)
The Coordinators of Safe4RAIL-2 and CONNECTA-2 explain how the two projects have contributed to NG-TCMS, including the probmlems and limitations of current TCMS. The proposed architecture and technologies as well as a strategy for quick adoption of the technologies was presented.
  Igor Lopez (CAF, Coordinator CONNECTA-2),
Aitor Arriola (IKERLAN, Coordinator Safe4RAIL-2)
  [ PDF ]
#3   Test Case 1
Introduction to Test Case 1 "Remote Hardware-In-the-Loop".
  Imanol de Arriba (CAF)   [ PDF ]
#4   Test Case 2
Introduction to Test Case 2 "TSN Network & OPC UA".
  Mohammed Abuteir (TTTech),
Thomas Waschulzik (Siemens)
  [ PDF ]
#5   Test Case 1 Session
The Test Case on "Remote Hardware-In-the-Loop" was demonstrated.
  Miguel Angel Sicilia (CAF)   [ click here ]
#6   Test Case 2 Session
The Test Case on "TSN Network & OPC UA" was demonstrated.
  Astrit Ademaj (TTTech),
Rene Smodic (TTTech),
Vitali Schneider (Siemens)
#7   Lessons learnt
The lessons leant building the deomnstrators were presented, conclusions were drawn and the way forward was discussed.
  Igor Lopez (CAF),
Thomas Waschulzik (Siemens),
Gernot Hans (ALSTOM)
  [ PDF ]
#8   Future Shift2Rail Activities
The Project Officer of the two projects provided an overview of future Shift2Rail activities, including CONNECTA-3 and Safe4Rail-3 and discussed Rail Research and Innovation beyond 2020.
  Gorazd Marinic (S2R JU)   [ PDF ]